A special squad of rescuers arrived in Odessa to search for the missing in a fire in college

A special squad of rescuers arrived in Odessa to look for those who disappeared during the fire at the College of Economics.

  It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the vice mayor of the city, Pavel Vugelman.

 "In the morning several aircrafts with rescuers arrived in Odessa, which today begin the search for the missing on December 4. Rescuers were provided with equipment by a number of enterprises in Odessa and the city of Yuzhny," said Vugelman.

 According to him, on the morning of December 5, the commission on technogenic and environmental safety and emergency response began to work.  She identifies the causes of the fire and also deals with the search for missing persons.

 The fire at the Odessa College of Economics happened on December 4.  Law enforcement authorities reported one dead and 29 injured.  The whereabouts of 13 people remains unknown.  In total, about 400 people were in the educational institution at the time of the emergency.

 Earlier it was reported that a two-day mourning was announced in the city in connection with the tragedy.